Our Services

Parfolcio provides high level consultancy services in the areas of Data Transformation, Replication and Migration, Data Security, Network Security, Data Migration, Intrusion - Penetration Testing, and Vulnerability Assessments.  We believe that strengthening data security enables clients to focus critical energy and resources on core business functions and mission-critical projects, such as new product development and market expansion.

Data Transformation - Parfolcio converts any set of data values from any data format on any data source system into the data format of any destination data location.

Data Replication - Parfolcio replicates any and all data to create complete back-ups, duplicate databases, or partial back-ups.

Data Migration - Parfolcio migrates data from any data source to any data destination – files and emails are migrated seamlessly, from any data archive or storage platform to any data archive or storage platform.

Data Security - Parfolcio provides high-level consultancy services in the areas of data security focusing on network security (policies and procedures, access controls, patch management), threat analysis and risk mitigation, intrusion detection, and vulnerability assessments.

Intrusion Detection - Parfolcio determines if external organizations can breach security and access information of a secure network.  We perform real-time analysis of the behavior and interactions of computing devices to determine if penetration has occurred or maybe likely to occur in the future. We utilize established industry and government processes, combined with next generation tool-sets to gain control or access of highly protected enterprise systems and information.

Penetration Testing - Parfolcio performs vulnerability assessments to analyze system weaknesses in order to prioritize vulnerabilities in the environment so that remediation can occur.